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Morrison Construction is the leading construction company in the UK water sector with seven of the eleven regulated water utilities choosing us to help them deliver their Capital Programmes. The reasons they have given us are that:-

We are flexible enough to adapt to all models

Align objectives at the start

Add value across the Asset Management Process

Deliver to time, cost and quality, managing change as it occurs

Have an effective Risk Management Process

Use innovative and cost effective construction techniques

Offer an end-to-end project management expertise

Look for win-win opportunities

Deliver safely

Invest in our people

Manage reputations through an EFQM acclaimed stakeholder management process

Have customer focus

Actively embrace Environmental Sustainability

We seek to build long term and mutually beneficial partnering relationships with all of our Clients, establishing clear and aligned objectives informed by a thorough understanding of all the risks and drivers involved. Fully integrated teams work alongside Clients’ teams to identify and deliver optimum whole-life solutions, which add value while improving water quality, the environment and operational efficiency.

Morrison have developed end-to-end project management expertise over the 20 years that we have been operating in the design and construct business. This enables us to take a project from inception, addressing 3rd Party issues upfront, managing the design through construction to handover.

Morrison Construction thrives on complex and challenging projects where our skills and competencies can be fully utilised.


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Morrison Construction Water
Leicestershire LE10 3JH

Tel: 01455 222753 
Fax: 01455 222717

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