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Teekay Couplings Limited

Teekay Couplings have been used for water applications around the world for over four decades. In the first instance, the reasons are clear, as the use of Teekay reduces total project costs.

Teekay Couplings are high quality, affordable mechanical pipe couplings which save space, weight, time and cost by joining pipes quickly and easily without flanging or welding.

The couplings are lighter in weight and have one lock part with can be placed in the most convenient position. This makes their installation not only easier but also safer and reduces on site health and safety risks, as well as saving on the cost of installation. Installation of a Teekay Coupling really is as simple as our strapline suggests, which can be seen in our installation video:

In addition Teekay Couplings are completely rubber lined and manufactured from high grade stainless steel which provides a very long service life and reduces long term maintenance costs.

Of particular interest within the water industry are our Repair Couplings, enabling fast, permanent repairs on filled lines. See more here: Additionally, in the Stepped Coupling option, pipes of the same nominal bore but with different outside diameters may be joined with ease.

Our product range includes over 15,000 British made, industry leading coupling options for joining pipes from 21mm to 4,200mm and for use on a broad range of pipe materials including steel, stainless steel, cast and ductile iron, GRP, plastics (PE, PVC etc) and concrete.

We also provide onsite training to ensure the highest standards. Additionally, our Research and Development Department can provide bespoke solutions to customers’ specific requirements.

We know that the best way for us to illustrate the emphasis we place on the quality of our products is for potential customers to see the product for themselves; please contact us to arrange a convenient appointment.







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Teekay Couplings Limited

Disraeli House, 12 Aylesbury End
Old Beaconsfield
Bucks HP9 1LW

Tel: 01494 706038

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