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i2O Water Ltd

i2O Water’s Advanced Pressure Management technology enables water companies to optimise the performance of water distribution networks by accurately controlling pressure.

1500+ installations around the world have generated rapid ROI from Advanced Pressure Management, based on six benefits:

The benefits of Advanced Pressure Management Installations around the world have generated a rapid return on investment from Advanced Pressure Management, based on six significant benefits:

►  Leakage reduction – Pressures can be accurately controlled and set at the correct target level for the customer. With no excess pressure, leakage levels fall by an average of 20%.

►  Energy savings – Less water being pumped at a lower average pressure leads to a significant reduction in energy consumption, usually in excess of 20%.

►  Burst frequency reduction – Through lowering maximum pressures and smoothly controlling transitions, i2O customers regularly experience over 40% fewer bursts.

►  Improved customer service – Target pressures can be delivered with a high degree of confidence; and because you can now detect and respond to issues more rapidly, there are fewer network related complaints.

►  Extended asset lifetimes – Owing to the reduction in burst frequency, the lifespan of infrastructure approaching replacement can be extended, typically by 5 years or more.

►  Operational cost savings – i2O customers save money from 40% less ‘find and fix’ activity and fewer scheduled site visits.

i2O Water is headquartered in UK, with offices in Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Spain and Colombia.

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