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Amazon Filters Ltd

Amazon Filters Ltd is one of Europeís leading filtration equipment manufacturers. We provide an extensive range of pleated, depth and bag filters for liquids, gases and air. We also design and manufacture the widest selection of filter vessels available on the market and can design bespoke housings to meet your particular requirements.

Amazon Filters SupaSpun II R31 filters are specifically designed and qualified for use in the purification and supply of public water. These high performance depth cartridges have a precision graded structure that provides absolute ratings, high dirt holding capacity and excellent flow rates. They are available in a wide choice of removal ratings and therefore can be used in a range of applications including removal of Cryptosporidium oocysts, turbidity reduction, boundary box filtration and membrane protection.

These filters are approved in the UK, Scotland and Wales for use in public water supplies and are included in the UK Secretary of Stateís List of Approved Products for use in connection with the Supply of Water for Drinking, Washing, Cooking and Food Product Production.

Amazon designs and manufactures housings to support the use of filter cartridges. These can be supplied as ready to install skids fitted with pipe work, valves, pumps etc, so can easily and quickly be connected to the water treatment system. Amazonís filter systems can also be supplied in mobile containers for sites where little infrastructure is present. Filter housings are also compliant as per Regulation 31 and details can be found on the DWIís List of Approved Products for use in Public Water Supply.




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Amazon Filters Ltd
Albany Park Estate
Surrey GU16 7PG

Tel: 01276 670600
Fax: 01276 670101

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