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Bluewater Bio

Bluewater Bio is an award winning global specialist in technologies for cost-effective water & wastewater treatment. Headquartered in London, Bluewater Bio’s range of best in class technologies have been deployed at over 80 sites globally.

Next generation proprietary technologies

With two fully commercialised technologies proven at utility scale, complemented by an active New Product Development pipeline, Bluewater Bio’s capabilities now include:

  HYBACS® (enhanced activated sludge process)

  FilterClear™ (high throughput multi-media filtration)

  GHG-Tox® (nitrification and greenhouse gas monitoring)

  CFIC® (highly efficient UV system)

  Operational & Maintenance services (supporting a population equivalent of c. 1 million)

  World Class R&D team, based at Cranfield University, UK

BwB’s growing technology portfolio is focused primarily on the rapid upgrading, optimisation and monitoring of water and wastewater treatment plants. The company has a particular emphasis on reducing:

  Capital, operational and compliance costs

  Energy & chemical consumption

  Physical & environmental footprint

  Greenhouse gas emissions

  Construction and commissioning times

Combining its R&D expertise with a highly entrepreneurial business approach, Bluewater Bio not only develops its own innovations but also scours adjacent markets for complementary IP, licence opportunities and partnerships.

Through this aggregation strategy, Bluewater Bio aims to be the natural choice for cost effective treatment, re-use and monitoring provision across the water, wastewater and process industries.







Bluewater Bio

Winchester House
259-269 Old Marylebone Road
London, NW1 5RA

Tel: 0)20 7908 9500

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