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Bucher Unipektin AG

Bucher Unipektin is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machines and systems for efficient solid-liquid separation. The patented technology of Bucher hydraulic presses has been put to use over 2000 times worldwide. The reliability of Bucher presses in demanding applications and use has set new standards. Based on this experience and with further development of its robust press technology, Bucher Unipektin has expanded the boundaries of what has to date been technically possible in dewatering of sludge.

First class products and services form the base of our market leading position in various fields. We operate with high motivation and flexibility with our customers, based on defined needs as well as new market-trends innovative solutions and products are developed. Our business unit is operating globally with our own highly competent sales and service organisations in Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Russia, USA, New Zealand and China offering prompt assistance for our clients.

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Bucher Unipektin AG

Murzlenstrasse 80

CH-8166 Niederweningen


Tel: +41 44 8572 300

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