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Enduramaxx Storage Tanks

Enduramaxx is a leading UK manufacturer of rotationally moulded water storage and rainwater harvesting tanks range from 150-30,000 litre capacities.

The vertical tanks range from 150 litre to 30,000 litres as well as Horizontal transport range of tanks from 400-13,000 litres. Our range of industrial tanks includes open top tanks, open top cone tanks, liquid fertiliser tanks, molasses tanks, cone tanks, cone bottom tanks, bunded tanks, silo tanks, mix tanks and cone bottom mix tanks. These tanks are available in industrial grades up to 1.5 SG.

The company designs, develops and manufactures tanks that suit the unique conditions of the European environment and market. Enduramaxx is an ISO 9001 UKAS accredited company who manufactures and distributes products that represent quality, tried and proven. The high specification design of every Enduramaxx product will guarantee that clients receive the solution to meet their requirements.







Enduramaxx Storage Tanks

Outgang Road



Tel: 01778 562810

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