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The Industrial Process Systems' (IPS) remit ranges from the supply of a single skilled individual for short term support, to the integrated team building required for design, installation and long term maintenance of hi-end specialist electrical and mechanical production systems, infrastructure, control and instrumentation.

IPS is a long established and trusted provider to internationally recognised private sector brands such as:

►   Coca-Cola

►   Moy Park

►   Dale Farm

►   Premier Power

►   AECOM Design Build

►   Pritchett Foods

►   3M

►   Siemens

►   Schrader Electronics

►   and many more.

In the public sector and education, IPS serves and supports Queens University Belfast, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland Water, Down District Council, and many government departments and organisations.

IPS offers a leadership team of practised professionals, each with one-to-one client acumen and each with a professional skill-set borne of hands-on experience and tested responsibility. The IPS workforce is loyal and personable, capable of fast team integration and initiative in third party situations. Every staff member has the skills, experience and initiative to actively contribute to businesses and project teams with huge differentials in requirement and scale.


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Industrial Process Systems
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