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Quantum Engineering Developments Ltd

Quantum Engineering Developments Limited specialises in the design, construction installation and commissioning of surge control systems, compressed air systems and booster pump sets.

Surge Control Systems

Surge conditions, or “water hammer” can occur due to starting or stopping a pump, or failures in the power supply, controls or valves.  Quantum Engineering is the leading UK supplier of surge vessels and related control equipment for the alleviation of this effect.  All systems can include a patented QUBE controller, developed especially for surge vessel and accumulator control in complex variable flow rate and multi-pump systems.

Packaged Booster Pump Sets

The company supplies booster sets suitable for applications in final effluent and potable water booster pumps for sewage and water treatment installations.

Control Panels

Quantum Engineering specialises in the construction of multi-compartment control panel suites to suit the requirements of most UK water authorities.  Electrical control panels are available with relay, PLC and microprocessor controlled logic systems, including variable speed drives and soft start, as well as conventional DOL and STAR/DELTA starters.


All systems are factory tested in house, and are assembled and fitted to meet current statutory requirements, including UK pressure systems legislation and DWI Regulations 25 and 31. 

Recent Contracts

During 2012 QED supplied and installed over 60 surge vessels via both main contractors and direct with the end users, to nearly all of the UK water companies. Nearly half of the total were installed on new schemes while the remainder were replacement/refurbishment projects. Vessel sizes ranged from a 400 ltr @ 16bar for South West Water, upto a 126Cu Mtr @10bar for Yorkshire Water with scope of supply being anything between a full turnkey package to vessel replacement during a 4hour overnight shutdown. What can Quantum do for you today?




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Quantum Engineering Developments Ltd
Quantum House, Saxon Business Park
Stoke Prior
Bromsgrove B60 4AD

Tel: 01527 577888
Fax: 01527 577007

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