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Wilo (UK) Ltd

Wilo UK offers a wide range of pumps for all applications, from small domestic circulators to large commercial pumps and pumping systems. These include pumps for heating, air conditioning and refrigeration, water supply and sewage pumps and lifting plants – their range is massive. Wilo UK also provides a comprehensive servicing capability.

Based in modern offices in Burton-upon-Trent, Wilo has seen its marketshare expanding significantly in recent years as it attracts increasing numbers of companies, contractors, specifers and installers to the brand. It’s investment in an impressive new training facility has paid huge dividends, with customers sending teams of employees along to Wilo to experience and share Wilo’s knowledge – in particular about energy efficient pumps and pumping systems, that have had a major impact on a vast number of projects across the UK. From water supply, to pressure boosting, to rainwater harvesting – Wilo offers solutions based on proven technology that contribute towards energy saving, sustainability and water saving – it’s all part of Wilo’s environmental policy.

Wilo pumps and water management systems set the benchmarks in terms of efficiency and technical performance, with reliable solutions. Whether it's digital interfaces, clever tools or simple installation concepts, Wilo provides you with comprehensive support for all aspects of pump technology, making your work as a specifier, architect and installer easier from day to day. Add to your ‘favourites’ and dip in from time to time to wonder at the support and product options available to you.






Second Avenue, Centrum 100
Staffordshire, DE14 2WJ

Tel: 01283 523000

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