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Torishima (Europe) Projects Ltd

Torishima (Europe) Projects Ltd (TEP) was founded in May 2011. Working in the Water, Waste & Renewables, Food & Beverage, Healthcare and Process sectors, this award-winning company specialises in the turnkey delivery of steam and hot water boiler house systems and associated process plant. All capabilities including design and project management and engineering disciplines are maintained in-house. Alongside proven expertise in conventional boiler house design and delivery, TEP has a particular specialism in biogas utilisation systems and offers unique control and heat recovery systems to deliver efficient and robust assets for its clients.

TEP is currently delivering the complete steam boiler house systems for the two largest anaerobic digestion biogas schemes of their type for Thames Water in London. At the heart of the TEP solutions are the highly efficient, robust ICI Caldaie composite boilers which generate ‘free steam’ by recovering heat from the on-site electricity generating engines. TEP are also in the process of delivering a further 8 biogas schemes across the country as well as major redesign and refurbishment works for some leading brands in the food and beverage sector to future-proof these businesses against upward pressures relating to energy usage.

Named as one of the top 3 Small Businesses in Wiltshire in 2012 for its commitment to innovation, growth and engineering excellence, TEP continues to expand to meet market and customer needs and has recently launched Torishima Valves - - and Torishima Services to offer market-leading products associated with hot water and steam systems and aftersales care and inspections in line with regulatory requirements and best practice.

A significant addition to the TEP family is the recent acquisition of the UK-arm of Europe’s leading boiler manufacture, ICI Caldaie. This brings additional expertise and offerings to the marketplace as well as ensuring TEP remain amongst the most cost effective operators in the industry.


Torishima (Europe) Projects


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