WaterProjectsOnline gives water companies, municipalities, corporations, authorities and their supply chain a platform to publish case studies and technical papers dedicated to the water and wastewater industry.

The articles demonstrate the work being undertaken to provide the highest standards of treatment and reliable distribution for potable water, wastewater and flood alleviation, meeting environmental demands and ensuring resilience and sustainable and energy efficient networks.

Originally launched for the UK's municipal sector, the content of WaterProjectsOnline is now being broadened to cover worldwide projects in both the municipal and industrial water/wastewater sectors.

Case studies: The case studies explain how designers achieve the most cost efficient designs with the highest of treatment standards, seeking out new and innovative technologies and processes with the lowest TOTEX cost, smallest physical footprints and lowest carbon indices. The case studies also focus on the construction work being undertaken, explaining how unforeseen problems were overcome and what solutions were adopted as the project develops.

Technical papers: Technical papers allow the supply chain to provide an in-depth description of how their technologies, processes, products and/or services work to overcome issues faced by the end user, as well as explaining the capabilities and benefits and when applicable, performance data.

New Features

There are many new features on the site, with more planned for 2020. These include:

Search and Filtering: The site is now fully searchable. Using the What are you looking for? feature you can search for specific projects, companies, authors etc. Using the search filters in case studies, you can filter by project type, water company and year, and combinations of any or all to refine you search.

WaterProjects Interactive Page Previews (WIPPs): We are now embedding WaterProjects Interactive Page Previews – WIPPs – into the case studies. These provide the user with easy access to additional information such as related case studies and explanatory notes. The supply chain can include information about their company as well as supplementary case studies/product description articles giving more details about the products/services they supplied to that particular project.

Exhibitions & Conferences – COMING 2020: A directory of trade shows, conferences, seminars and training courses filtered by date, location, type and topic will be available on the site in 2020. Use the link below to request details on having your event included on WaterProjectsOnline.
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Job Search – COMING 2020: In response to requests, we are adding a Job Search feature for the water companies, the supply chain and recruitment companies. Jobs will be shown in tiles, linked to a full description of the position with an Apply Now button linking back to the company career page. Jobs will be filtered by type, location, etc. Use the link below if you have an opening that you would like to advertise on WaterProjectsOnline.
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Case Studies & Technical Papers

How to nominate case studies in 2 easy steps

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Suitable Projects

Topics covered (but not limited to) include:
  • Wastewater Treatment Works
  • Sludge Treatment & Disposal
  • Sewer Flood Alleviation
  • Stormwater Storage
  • Sewage Pumping Stations
  • Sewers and Outfalls
  • Odour Control
  • Water Treatment Works
  • Reservoirs & Storage
  • Raw Water Sources
  • Pumping Stations
  • Pipelines
  • Pressure Management
  • Control & Automation
  • Thermal Hydrolysis
  • Anaerobic Digestion
  • Gas to Grid
  • CHP
  • Hydro, Solar, Wind and Tidal/Wave Energy
  • Energy Management
  • River Restoration
  • River Diversions
  • Fish Passes
  • Eels Regulations
  • Otter & Water Vole Habitats
  • Hydro Electric
  • Coastal Flood Alleviation
  • River Flood Alleviation
  • Protection of Assets
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  • Industrial Water Treatment
  • Industrial Pipelines

UK Water Projects

The UK Water Projects publication focuses on the ways the UK’s water industry is meeting and exceeding environmental requirements to ensure that the water and wastewater infrastructure into one of the finest and safest water collection, treatment, distribution and wastewater disposal systems in the world.

Since its inception in 1993, the UK Water Projects print editions have featured over 2,000 case studies – 1,400 of which are currently available on WaterProjectsOnline. These technical case studies highlight some of the most prestigious and innovative capital projects covering all aspects of water treatment and supply, wastewater treatment and disposal, energy from waste, flood alleviation and river enhancement projects.

New for 2020: Instead of waiting for the print edition to be published, all case studies detailing UK projects will be published immediately on WaterProjectsOnline and will then be put forward for the end of year print edition: UK Water Projects 2020 – Review of the Year.

Featured Projects: The names of the forthcoming featured projects are available on request.
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Worldwide Projects

We are introducing dedicated international sections to the site, giving water companies, municipalities, corporations and authorities worldwide, a platform to publish case studies detailing their investments in their water and wastewater infrastructure.

The international supply chain will also be able to provide case studies and technical papers detailing projects that showcase their designs, processes and products; keeping end users aware of new technologies, construction techniques and problem solving methods that have been successfully utilised around the world.

Industrial Projects

We are no longer restricted to municipal water and wastewater treatment projects and can now accept case studies detailing (but not limited to):
  • Industrial Water Treatment
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  • Industrial Pipelines
  • Industrial Hydro Electric and Wave/Tidal Energy Projects
  • Mine Water Treatment Projects


How do I search for something specific?
Use “What are you looking for?” at the top of any page. Just type in the name of a project, the name of an author, a water company or supply chain company etc and results will show, split into companies and case studies.

How do I find all the case studies from a particular water company?
Use the filtering system. Select Case Studies from the top of any page, click on the Select Water Company box and then chose the water company you are interested in. You can filter further, by selecting project type, and finding all the (for example) reservoirs featured by that particular water company since 2002, or narrow it down to a specific year.

Will the UK Water Projects print edition still be published?
Absolutely! The difference from previous years for 2020 and beyond is that you will no longer have to wait for the print edition for your case study to be published. Your case study will be published on WaterProjectsOnline once all the necessary materials have been provided. If submitted before a specific date (still to be confirmed) the case study will then be put forward for editorial evaluation for inclusion in the UK Water Projects print edition review of the year to be published November/December.

We are a global company; can we provide case studies from our international offices?
Yes you can, we are no longer restricted to the UK. As the content grows, we will be adding continental sections followed by country sections once we have exceeded the minimum number of case studies required for a dedicated section.

Do case studies have to feature municipal projects?
Not anymore. We now have a section for industrial section covering (but not limited to) industrial water treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, industrial pipelines, industrial hydro electric and wave/tidal energy projects. Applicable installations include breweries, distilleries, paper mills, mines, quarries, refineries, pharmaceutical plants, paint manufacturing facilities etc

Can I provide an update case study to my previously featured project?
Yes you can, and it will be interlinked with the existing case study.

I want my company to become a Featured Company on WaterProjectsOnline; what do I have to do?
Contact us and we will send you the details of how to get started.

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