Flood & Coast Digital Series | Session 2

Climate emergency: global leadership on adaptation | Wednesday, 9th December 2020, 09:30 – 11:30 (GMT)

As we approach the COP26 climate change summit in November 2021, we will consider how we are tackling climate change in the UK and overseas, and how experience from across the globe can help to achieve the government’s COP26 ambition to “put adaptation at the heart of everything we do”.

Hosted by Environment Agency Chair and Global Commission on Adaptation commissioner Emma Howard Boyd, this session will look at where the most acute challenges are being faced across the world. How are these nations and communities adapting? What can we learn from their experience? How can it be applied in the UK setting? And critically, how can we lead on climate-resilient recovery from Covid-19 and achieve our net-zero ambitions?

As the Global Commission state: “we face a crisis”, but “we can do it”.


This session will feature short overviews by the host and each speaker, followed by a panel discussion chaired by the host, Emma Howard-Boyd. Following this the panel will take questions from the audience to enable extensive consideration of theissues of most importance to delegates.

  • • Emma Howard-Boyd | Chair, Environment Agency: Host
  • • Speaker to be confirmed: The Global Commission on Adaptation report: the urgency of action
  • • Speaker to be confirmed: Advancing adaptation in Bangladesh: From early warning to recovery
  • • Denise Bower | OBE: Achieving business buy-in to adaptation and decarbonisation strategies –
  • • Speaker to be confirmed: Achieving radical progress on adaptation and resilience at COP26


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