Highways England

Highways England are the government company charged with operating, maintaining and improving England’s motorways and major A roads totaling around 4,300 miles. While this represents only 2 per cent of all roads in England by length, these roads carry a third of all traffic by mileage and two thirds of all heavy goods traffic.

The aim is to ensure our major roads are more dependable, durable and – most importantly – are safe. Highways England work hard to make sure the road network is:

  • Free flowing – where routine delays are infrequent and journeys are reliable.
  • Safe and serviceable – where no one should be harmed when travelling or working.
  • Accessible and integrated – so people are free to choose their mode of transport and can move safely across and alongside our roads.
  • Support economic growth with a modern and reliable road network that reduces delays, creates jobs, helps business and opens up new areas for development.
  • Ensure our activities result in a long-term and sustainable benefit to the environment.