Project 77 (Environmental) Ltd

Project 77 Environmental Ltd have an enviable record of providing sophisticated HVAC and Odour Abatement system to the Water and Power industries throughout the UK for almost 25 years.

Without exception all installations have met fully or exceeded the exacting performance requirements imposed to meet sensitive site requirements or strict environmental criteria. With both 2& 3D design completed in house the solutions are tailored to meet the client’s expectations and requirements and not purely the technical specifications provided.

Project 77 Environmental Ltd in the past have provided full turn key installations as invariably restrictions imposed by sites mean that a holistic approach is sometimes required. In such cases Project 77 Environmental Ltd can incorporate noise surveys, acoustic equipment, electrical panels, specialist instrumentation & controls together with specialist monitoring equipment. Pre-& post contract noise and odour surveys to recognised industry standards are undertaken to provide firm data for monitoring performance efficiencies of installations.

Odour Abatement systems
Being able to select equipment from a full range of technologies enables the best solution to be provided to suit each individual site demanding requirements. The performance of each system is usually monitored and recorded on a 24/7 basis which reconfirms the high operational efficiency and reliability of the equipment being provided.

HVAC & Associated Technologies
With the experience of having installed 100’s of Ventilation & Air Conditioning systems Project 77 Environmental Ltd can provide ‘best solution’ systems to cater for cooling, climate control, toxic and/or explosive gases, constructed from a wide range of metal or plastic based materials. The final selection of equipment will meet fully all site specific technical specification’s as a minimum requirement however, in the past we have provided equipment to an enhanced standard if we deem necessary based on our experience.