Tempo-PCE specialises in resin and grout injection for a wide range of applications, including waterproofing, strengthening, and ground engineering. In addition, we have 20 years of experience in heritage repairs, in particular brickwork in confined spaces and lime injection.

We offer innovative solutions for all types of masonry and concrete structures, and a variety of ground conditions, with in-depth experience of a variety of grouts and resins, including acrylic, PU, cementitious, silica, and lime. Injections pressures are carefully monitored and controlled, with some resins offering the added control of adjusted set times. From preventative crack repairs to fast leak sealing – injection can be quick and economical solution. All quantities can be recorded with our unique mapping system for drilling & injection data. We are a small, family-run business based in north-west London, with a dedicated team of experienced injectors.

Our work methods are tailored to individual projects, taking into account the particulars of the environment and the specific requirements of a site or client. Tempo-PCE has a track record of working around existing structures and in limited access situations. Injection work can be carried out while a structure is in operation, reducing costs and disruption to the local community.

Our services cover all stages of a project from investigative works and feasibility studies to full project delivery, including reporting, testing and post-repair load assessments. Typical Injection Applications:

Concrete Waterproofing and Repairs

Concrete crack repairs Pile crack repairs: horizontal/structural Re-injectable tube systems for joints
Bridge soffit and abutment repairs Retaining wall repairs Service tray waterproofing
Concrete waterproofing system Cast iron waterproofing system Crack bonding
Substructure delamination repair Upstand/kickers, diaphragm walls Sealing of failed gasket joints
Steel soffit waterproofing

Masonry and Backfill Injection for Strengthening and Waterproofing

Brick barrel waterproofing  Brick barrel strengthening Ground consolidation
Lime injection for heritage structures Pipe-subway tunnel repairs Brick arch barrel bridge repairs
Brick vaults Brick culverts Brick retaining walls

Ground Engineering Injection

Shaft excavation Tunnels Cofferdam leak sealing
Pipe connections Retaining walls Void filling
Headings Steel piles Fast leaks