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Concrete Repairs Ltd

Concrete Repairs Limited (CRL) is a specialist asset maintenance contractor who is here to help you with the inspection, repair & refurbishment of your concrete water assets.

CRL provide comprehensive repair and refurbishment services tailored to the needs of the water and wastewater sector throughout the UK. These include the inspection, repair, refurbishment and upgrading of service reservoirs, contact tanks, water towers & wastewater treatment plants.

With over 65 years of experience, CRL understands the importance of maintaining water quality and supply to customers. Therefore, when planning repairs, we prioritise effective programming of the work and optimal utilization of the assets being repaired. Our choice of repair methodologies and materials always reflects this commitment.

At CRL, we pride ourselves on being a reliable partner to the water companies. We collaborate closely with them to identify problems early, quantify the necessary repairs, and establish a timeline for refurbishment. Throughout this process, we focus on ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of the assets.

CRL provide proven and successful cost-effective repair and refurbishment options which meet our clients’ objectives of upgrading and increasing the life of their structures. CRL is capable of undertaking individual projects of up to £20M, either under competitive tender, or through Partnering/Framework arrangements. Our broad experience across various sectors ensures we deliver efficient, robust, and technically advanced services.