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Greenbank Group

A specialist engineering company with a global customer base.

Greenbank provides a wide range of products and services to companies operating across a number of industries and is now establishing itself in the clean and wastewater sector.

For many years the company has utilised the unique properties of volcanic basalt for lining products used in heavy industries such as power generation and minerals extraction.

In partnership with Czech firm Eutit, the company has also been pioneering the use of basalt in the renovation and restoration of sewer systems in central European following a series of successful projects in Prague.

As a result of devastating floods, the city’s sewer system was extensively rebuilt and upgraded with basalt being used in a number of key locations to provide a new level of security to the system. More than a decade on, the new system continues to perform well and has set a standard that’s now been followed in other European cities.

Well suited for the most demanding of applications, thanks to the partnership between Greenbank and Eutit, a wide range of basalt solutions are now available in the UK market.

These include products and systems that bring a wide range of benefits to the industry, including:

  • Basalt tiles that can also be used to line existing brickwork, a more cost-effective solution than full replacement, and their reduced drag co-efficient means improved flow – in effect a smaller-diameter pipe or tunnel lined with basalt can carry a higher volume of water than a larger one with traditional brick surfaces.
  • The effective life expectancy of basalt-lined sewer systems is between 100 and 200 years, thanks to their excellent resistance to abrasion and chemical damage – as well as the rigours of high-pressure water jetting that’s often used to clear unwanted blockages.
  • For larger round or ovoid systems, basalt can be used in the lower sections to deal with the wear and tear with concrete upper sections to provide optimum life performance. Alternatively, steel pipes lined with basalt can be produced up to 3000mm diameter producing a lighter therefore lower cost installation option to thick wall concrete.
  • Ease of installation and reduced maintenance costs make basalt ideal for bottom gutters, branch pipes and tubes and slip-resistant elements for walkways, and Greenbank can also supply bespoke-shaped tiles to meet the unique requirements of individual clients.

With manufacturing facilities in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, supported by the additional capacity and expertise provided by the latest addition to the group, Franklyn Yates Engineering, Greenbank is well placed to react quickly and efficiently to the needs of new and existing clients.