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Headlight AI Limited

Headlight AI is a UK based technology company developing sensing, mapping, and inspection solutions for extreme environments.

The company works primarily with Utility companies and contractors to provide condition assessment and geo-location data in subterranean locations, especially for large diameter assets (such as sewers, culverts, and tunnels with diameters >900mm), with a focus on autonomous or semi-autonomous systems that avoid the need for person-entry (in particular NC3 or NC4 confined space entry), improving workers’ health and safety.

The company supplies its award winning product, Telesto, to utility companies and contractors in order for them to collect multi-sensor data, including LiDAR, on either robotic or floating platforms. The data is then processed to account for the motion of the system and to produce 3D point cloud and multi-image data for further analysis. Users can access the information via the web-based Telesto application, which provides condition assessment dashboards and statistics relevant to the asset, achieved using novel artificial intelligence (AI) models.

The company currently has several other products and features in development to further assist with underground inspections and surveys, and provide new ways to navigate and locate in GPS-denied and extreme environments.