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Herrenknecht International Ltd

Innovative tunnelling technology from Herrenknecht has helped to build new, efficient supply and disposal infrastructures in more than 80 countries worldwide. On the basis of our entire range of methods, we work closely with our customers and develop tailormade technical solutions. Together, we overcome all challenges and create robust, sustainable tunnel structures – within budget and on time, maximizing safety for people and cities.

Project requirements and the geological and hydrological conditions determine the optimum machine type. Our product range includes:

  • Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) Shield: Ideal for soft and cohesive soils.
  • Mixshield: Very large excavation diameters can be controlled safely – also in heterogeneous geologies.
  • Single Shield TBM: Ideal for tunnelling through rock and other stable, non-groundwater-bearing soils.
  • Double Shield TBM: Perfectly suited for long tunnelling through hard rock.
  • Gripper TBM: Proven, efficient solution in hard rock.
  • Partial-face Excavation Machine: Directly controllable, easily convertible and adaptable in different geologies.
  • AVN, AVNT, AVND: The best option for microtunnelling: AVN Machines from Herrenknecht.
  • Auger Boring Machines: The ideal technology for short underground drives:
  • HDD Rig: Flexible and environmentally-friendly: for tunnelling in stable, loose soils and rock.
  • Direct Pipe®: This method combines the advantages of microtunnelling and HDD technology. In one step only, a prefabricated pipeline can be installed and the required borehole excavated at the same time. This allows speedy and highly economic installation of pipelines with lengths of more than 1,500 meters.
  • Vertical Shaft Sinking Machine VSM: Unique method for lowering shafts of all kinds in soft and stable soils.