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KG Site Services Ltd

Creating solutions to safety and access challenges across the water industry.

Since 2010, KG Site Services (KGSS) has been working with clients on a variety of innovative GRP engineering projects. Our activities include the design, fabrication & installation of bespoke GRP access solutions across a variety of industries, wherever light weight, corrosion/chemical resistant, flexible & maintenance-free structures are required.

At KGSS, each installation is uniquely tailored to the client’s individual design criteria, whilst complying with all the relevant British Standards and client specifications. GRP is weight-for-weight stronger than steel, but light enough to be transported & assembled almost anywhere. It also has no scrap value, making it perfect for access solutions in locations where steel may be vulnerable to theft.

We can create solutions to almost any access or safety challenge, whether it be the water Industry, chemical treatment areas, high-voltage situations or general corrosive environments, such as waste treatment or marine applications.

Historically, GRP was used where steel could not be, but given the recent steel price volatility, low carbon footprint of GRP manufacture & transportation, stable costs, low maintenance, quick design/fabrication, strength-to-weight ratio & anti-slip properties, GRP can be seen as a direct competitor for steel in almost every situation.