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M&J Drilling Services Ltd

M&J Drilling Services was founded in 1982 to offer specialist contracting services in the investigation and stabilisation of mine workings and mineshafts, concentrating its activities in the South Staffordshire Coalfield. It has grown steadily, investing heavily to provide state-of-the-art drilling rigs and associated equipment, and now operates nationally from its base in the West Midlands.

The company focuses its operations on the development and delivery of geotechnical solutions to various ground problems. The main activities of the company are drilling (rotary and rotary percussive) and grouting, and the following list gives details of the various applications we undertake:

  • Rotary investigation by open hole and core drilling techniques.
  • Stabilisation of shallow mine workings (drilling and pressure grouting).
  • Soil nails & ground anchors – to improve slope/ embankment stability.
  • Other underground stabilisation work (e.g. cellars and former gas tank infilling).
  • Mineshaft location and treatment.
  • Void infilling (large mine workings).
  • Sewer, tunnel and pipeline annulus grouting.

Health & Safety

The Company has always operated with great regard to the Health & Safety of its employees, particularly in view of the inherently hazardous working environment, the operation of powerful and potentially dangerous plant and of our intention to maintain long-term continuity of service in a stable workforce.

Contract Record

Customers range from householders requiring a couple of boreholes prior to building house extensions, through to national house builders, local authorities and major civil engineering contractors. The value of contracts can be £1500 up to £5 million and can last from a day to several years. Average turnover in recent years has been in excess of £7 Million per annum.

The Company has always been proud of its commitment to quality and its reputation for professionalism in the industry. We gained accreditation to ISO 9001:2008 and to Constructionline in categories comprising:

  • Site investigation.
  • Anchors.
  • Soil nails.
  • Ground stabilisation.
  • Deep grouting.

We aim to develop strong relationships with both consultants and developers and are proud of the fact that over recent years, 85% of each year’s turnover has been with clients who we have worked with in previous years.