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Weber Sensors Ltd

The Captor Group supplies an extensive range of sensors specifically for the needs of water and wastewater treatment.

Dosing systems, flow monitoring, pump protection and air monitoring are only a few of the applications where our sensors are constantly meeting industry needs. From large pipe sewage applications down to the smallest of flow rates involving the most aggressive of chemicals, we can provide for all your flow sensing requirements.

  • FLOW CAPTORS: High-precise, compact and robust flow sensor for monitoring liquid media (switch or meter).
  • VENT CAPTORS: Compact, electronic sensor for monitoring air and other gaseous media (switch or meter).
  • FOTO CAPTORS: Hot metal detector (HMD) which operates properly and even reliably even under rough working conditions. For applications in steel mills.
  • PROXI CAPTORS: Inductive proximity switches and meters for detection in the steel industry. For switching distances up to 250mm.
  • POWER SUPPLY UNITS: Power supply unites for use with flow and vent captor products requiring 24 VDC supply.
  • PROCESS INPUT METERS: This process meters convert the analogue output signal of flow and vent-captor units into a digital value.