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Manx Utilities

Manx Utilities's mission is to provide the island's residents and visitors with a safe, reliable and high quality water supply, an effective and efficient sewerage and sewage treatment infrastructure, and to act as the flood risk management authority for the Island.

Water supply: Each year the company collects, treats, stores and distributes over 10,000 million litres of water to over 50,000 connections over an approximate area of 250 square miles. The company operates 2 water treatment works (Douglas and Sulby), 5 impounding reservoirs, 29 service reservoirs, 20 pumping stations and 1,800km of water mains.

Wastewater treatment and disposal: The company manages, maintains and develops the Island’s sewerage infrastructure and the sewage treatment and disposal systems, treating on average 10 billion litres of wastewater annually at the Meary Veg STW and Sludge Treatment Facility. Sewerage assets include IRIS infrastructure, RSTS infrastructure, Meary Veg STW, 75 pumping stations, 18 regional STWs, 600km of sewers.