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Matchams Raw Water Intake - Courtesy of South West Water
Matchams Riverbank Stabilisation (2022)
Hampton Loade eel screen arrays in the River Severn - Courtesy of Integrated Water Services (M&E) Ltd
Hampton Loade WTW – Eel Screens (2022)
Southern Water Eel Screens Programme – Construction (2022)
Severn Trent Eels Regulation Compliance (2021)
Belaugh & Waveney Raw Water Intakes (2021)
River Itchen Eel Screens Project (2021)
Lobwood Fish Pass (2020)
Tophill Low Fish Pass (2020)
Southern Water Eel Screens Programme – Design (2020)
Hazards Green WTW – Eel Screens (2019)
Jordans Dam and Wharncliffe Fish Passes (2019)
Blythe & Bourne Fish Passage (2019)
Brantham Pumping Station (2019)
Loftsome Bridge WTW – Intake (2019)
Lumley Raw Water Pumping Station (2018)
Walton Eel Screens (2017)