R2M Limited

R2M Limited is owned by the Hawle Group of companies. R2M supplies Ductile Iron, PE & Molecor MoPVC pipe, valves & fittings.

We have built up an outstanding reputation for innovation particularly in the areas of Wide Tolerance End Restraint & Encapsulation fittings. In recent years, further introducing the EZ Valve (Live Valve Insertion) system, 3S Smart Valve Actuation, Valve Unjammer & Leak Detection Camera Kits. R2M is also unique in having a true 24/7 Emergency Call out service in case of water company DG3 events.

R2M has a sister company R2M Site Services Ltd who are a specialist contractor undertaking work for water companies throughout the UK. This involves specialist work such as EZ Valve live insert, Line Stopping, Live Tapping, Encapsulation, Mains measuring, Valve un-jamming etc. R2M SS is one of the 1st companies to be called in an emergency DG3 type event.