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Harrogate Growth

Replacement and reinforcement of Harrogate's water supply infrastructure

Molecor MOPVC

Reason for scheme

New Trunk mains needed to cope with the large amount of new houses being built in and around Harrogate, to future proof and maintain supplies to the Harrogate and Knaresborough networks.

Materials considered

HDPE and ductile iron.

Why was Molecor Chosen?

  • Lightweight so smaller plant and equipment needed to lift and install.
  • Ease of jointing (no butt fusion welding).
  • Short 6 m lengths rather than welding pipe lengths into a string.

Size/length of scheme and project value

  • 450m of DN500mm pipe.
  • 4200m of DN315mm pipe.
  • Project value: £3.6m.


  • Installation of approximately 450 m of new DN500mm main around the very busy Prince of Whales roundabout in the centre of Harrogate.
  • Installation of approximately 1500 m of DN315mm main along The Stray which is protected park land owned by the Duchy of Lancaster (the Crown).
  • Installation of approximately 2700 m of DN315 mm main through residential streets in Harrogate and Starbeck.

Project challenges

  • Working at the very busy and traffic sensitive Prince of Wales roundabout.
  • Working through The Stray (Queen’s protected parkland).
  • Working through the tight narrow residential streets of Harrogate and Starbeck with multiple road closures.
  • Working around embargos to allow for the Tour De Yorkshire and the UCI Road World Championship cycle races.

Solutions to challenges

  • The nature of the MOPVC pipes being extremely lightweight and short in length and easy to joint meant that plant and equipment sizes were reduced; meaning working areas were kept small and to a minimum, reducing congestion on traffic sensitive routes.
  • The smaller site working areas also maintained residential access to properties while working in road closures.
  • It also allowed for the daily installation, backfill and reinstatement of sensitive park land (The Stay) making for much quicker recovery of the park.
  • The short 6 m long socket/spigot configuration meant direction changes were easily achievable when faced with unknown obstacles in the ground.

Benefits of using Molecor pipe

In addition to above, the speed of installation meant rapid progress on site, allowing completion of works to programme deadlines.


Molecor MOPVC pipe undoubtedly helped Morrison Utility Services and Yorkshire Water deliver a highly sensitive and complex project in the centre of Harrogate on programme, with minimal disruption to the residents/businesses and commuter traffic.

Tony Watson, Project Manager Morrison Utility Services

MOPVC: a major part in the project

This was the first time we had used Molecor MOPVC on a large scheme in Yorkshire Water. Our client was keen to use a material that has significant carbon benefits in its manufacture and use.

The speed and ease of installation made a big difference to this high profile project, allowing us to reduce plant and equipment sizes and movements, and also significantly reduce disruption to commuters, residents and visitors to The Stray.

We’ve been able to move the project along quickly, achieving our installation targets, which has been key when working to road closure deadlines and embargos for major events in the area.

Using MOPVC has played a major part in us delivering the Harrogate Growth project successfully, safely and to programme and I’m sure the benefits can be realised on further projects across the Yorkshire region in the future”.


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