Ward & Burke Construction Ltd

Ward & Burke Construction is a Civil Engineering Company with extensive experience in the provision of facilities in both the clean water and wastewater sectors.

Experience includes the construction of reservoirs and water towers, installation of pumping stations and both water treatment works and wastewater treatment works. We have worked closely with clients in the sequencing and maintenance of the existing process whilst bringing into commission the new facilities.

Ward & Burke Construction Ltd was established in Ireland in 2001. In 2009, a regional office was established in the UK to facilitate the growth of the company within the United Kingdom market. Since this time, works have been successfully completed throughout Scotland, England and Northern Ireland.

The success of Ward & Burke Construction Ltd. lies in its ability to provide a complete in-house solution to civil engineering construction problems. Ward & Burke Construction Ltd. directly employ over 200 skilled operatives. This, combined with an extensive and wholly owned plant division, ensures direct control, greater flexibility, and above all improved quality and safety of construction projects.

Ward & Burke Construction continually strives to implement innovative engineering solutions to improve and manage construction risks. This approach contributes to improved health & safety management, better cost control and leads ultimately to certainty of outcome for the Client. This core ethos led to the development in house of expertise in temporary works design and installation, precast concrete construction, pipe jacking. micro-tunnelling and shaft sinking. It also fostered a desire to become more involved in the design of the project, in bringing forward solutions at an early stage in the construction process. We therefore have extensive design experience built up in house which we offer to prospective clients.