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Serimax Ltd

Welding Solutions on the Strategic Pipeline Alliance

Specialist welding solutions

Project objectives

  • Guaranteeing a welded infrastructure for the transportation of potable water for local communities.
  • Making sure this infrastructure was resistant to contamination was key to the success of this project.
  • Ensuring minimal commission flushing meant that our quality solutions were chosen.


Serimax provided a spatter-free welding solution and a team of welders to work on-site locally. The team was mobilized rapidly meaning that there were zero project delays. Serimax staff benefit from comprehensive training programmes and operate to the highest HSE standards, recognising that the welfare of staff and sub-contractors, as well as the environment in which we operate is absolutely critical. The requirements for the project were respected, and potable water will flow through the pipes without any need for commission flushing.

Benefits of choosing Serimax

  • Previous expertise in delivering quality welding in challenging environments.
  • The welding solution for secure waterlines, resistant to contamination.
  • The ability to provide welding procedure qualification on-site.


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