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EndSafe and EdgeSafe panels for reception pits

Comprehensive support for pipelines construction at Fenny Bentley Sewage Pumping Station

EndSafe and EdgeSafe panels for reception pits

The village of Fenny Bentley is situated near Ashbourne in Derbyshire. Severn Trent awarded a contract for a a new sewage pumping station in the village to replace the existing pumping station which has reached the end of its working life. At the same time, the existing Fenny Bentley Sewage Treatment Works, which is also life-expired, will be demolished and the new pumping station will divert flows 4km via a new sewer to Severn Trent’s Ashbourne STW. Groundforce Shorco has supplied a full complement of trench support equipment, including ladders and ancillary components to the contractors.

New sewer/rising main

The project includes installing a new sewer which comprises a 125mm diameter rising main. This 1km pipeline feeds into an existing gravity sewer to Ashbourne. To accommodate fluctuations in both sewage flows and surface-water run-off, the contractor is installing a storage pipe, comprising 350m of 1,050mm diameter concrete pipe, in-line with the existing sewer. The small-diameter rising main has been installed using trenchless techniques. Each run is between 100-150m and the specialist contractor needed a launch pit from which to drill and a reception pit at the other end so they can pull the new pipe through.

Groundforce Shorco supplied its Backhoe Trench Boxes, Endsafe panels and access ladders to support the sides and ends of these 2.0m x 2.5m x 2.5m deep pits and ensure safe working.

EdgeSafe and Mini LadderSafe access systems for reception pits - Courtesy of Groundforce

EdgeSafe and Mini LadderSafe access systems for reception pits – Courtesy of Groundforce

Concrete storage pipe

Downstream, where the concrete storage pipe is being installed, Groundforce has supplied its Standard Trench Boxes, 3.5m Manhole Boxes and Pipe-Lifter. Groundforce Shorco Technical Sales Representative Darren Boote explains that whilst this a fairly standard job, using standard equipment, Groundforce are one of the few companies that can meet the requirements of the contractor having the necessary range of equipment and its availability.


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