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Evergreen Water Solutions

A leading supplier of progressive wastewater treatment systems

Evergreen Water Solutions works closely with a number of international engineering companies whose expertise are in scalable wastewater treatment systems and containerised wastewater treatment systems for municipal and industrial application.

Evergreen Water Solutions offers a comprehensive engineering service. Our company incorporates initial design and planning, to implementation of projects that are delivered on time and on budget. Our expertise in wastewater treatment covers infrastructure development, package sewage treatment systems and advanced treatment technology for wastewater recycling with the strictest treatment requirements.

The goal of Evergreen Water Solutions is to exceed the expectations of our clients, foster long-term relationships, and make a positive impact on the environment and industry standards.

Evergreen Water Solutions use innovative products and suppliers to source, design and implement leading environmental water and wastewater treatment products and solutions.

All new equipment and suppliers are required to undergo pre-qualification program and a series of acceptances and trials are applied prior to the approval of the vendor.

Evergreen Water Solutions’ pre-qualification program guarantees you our clients that the products we source are of the highest standard within the industry, these products along with the expertise within Evergreen Water Solutions ensures that the solution we provide will meet and exceed any expectation you might have.