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Gardner Denver Ltd – Robuschi

In a competitive and evolving global market, our long history of supplying aeration equipment in wastewater treatment plants that best meets customer specific requirements, makes Robuschi a trusted and reliable partner for the environmental industry. Cost-effective solutions for new plants or refurbishments of existing installations are a major focus of our product excellence and application expertise.

Therefore, as a global supplier of environmental solutions, we lead the market in developing innovative technologies that support our customers in reducing life cycle costs, increasing efficiency, meeting legal requirements and, finally, improving the quality of product or services they want to provide to their own customers.

In wastewater treatment plants, power consumption mainly comes from aeration machines. Robuschi supplies PD blowers and screw blowers, able to provide significant energy saving, depending on plant configuration.

Additionally the Robox Energy combines the technological advantages of Robuschi screw compressor and permanent magnet motor with Smart Process Control tool to halve wastewater treatment plant running costs.

Ecological sustainability is part of the Robuschi strategy, focusing on promoting environmentally friendly promoting, enhancing energy saving and protecting natural resources.