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Robox Lobe Blower Unit

New range for sizes 3.5 and 4

Courtesy of Robuschi

The new Robox blower unit design allows you to fit either a lobe or a screw airend into our engineered Robox enclosure. To accommodate this innovation, our teams performed a complete package redesign. You can call it thinking outside the box to create our best Robox yet. The Robox Lobe is able to reach up to 1,000 mbar(g) and vacuum up to 500 mbar(a) with a maximum capacity of 10,500m3/h. Unique design, best in class footprint, low noise, easy installation, easy to service and maintain access throughout the range.

Unique design, best-in-class footprint

Thanks to its exclusive features, the new Robox Lobe blower unit has compact dimensions with the possibility of side-by-side installation. It is easy to be installed with no requirements for ducting. The Robox Lobe blower’s compact dimensions will optimise your floor space usage.

Courtesy of Robuschi

Courtesy of Robuschi

One package two technologies: Take advantage of the one solution for both lobe and screw blower technologies. Whether revamping plants, or your processes, you can review and compare each technology’s benefits for your operation before you commit to buy.

Low noise: Low noise emissions are ensured by our new discharge and suction silencer design. In addition, canopy enhancements provide noise reduction thanks to special sound proofing material and upgraded panel thickness. In addition, the enclosure air inlet and outlet ducts are muzzled with a lined single-chamber plenum and lined bends.

Easy installation: Save time and money thanks to the easy and flexible installation of the new Robox Lobe blower. Handle the Robox with ease utilizing the rigid base which has dedicated channels for forklifts. Place it on any even surface, with no need for special foundations. Thanks to its compact design, the Robox can be quickly and easily integrated into your existing system.

Accessible service and maintenance: The design of the new Robox package ensures that the service points are easily accessible. To help you see inside, the enclosure side doors are hinged and removable.

Design: RBS – oil-free premium airend. The Robox Lobe blower unit accommodates the RBS airend with three special profile lobes. Combined with a low pulse system, the lobes reduce the residual pressure pulsation of the conveyed gas to less than 2% of the operating pressure.

Courtesy of Robuschi

Courtesy of Robuschi

The RBS airend is equipped with splash-lubricated helical tooth synchronized gears for optimum rotor timing. High quality lobe profile rotors are controlled by three-dimensional instruments for top volumetric efficiency. Durable shaft design compliments the RBS’ reliable operation. The RBS airend is also oil-free certified, Class 0 certification, according to ISO 8573-1.

New compact suction silencer: A newly designed silencer is equipped with a dedicated filter cartridge for improved reliability and quicker maintenance. This minimises pressure drops. Noise reduction is provided by a new absorptive and reactive internal resonance chamber design.

Robust discharge silencer: A reactive discharge silencer with increased thickness and spark arrester. This design prevents contamination of conveyed gas with sparks generated by the blower. Costly spark traps are no longer necessary.

Courtesy of Robuschi

Courtesy of Robuschi

Check valve: Proven and robust VRC check valve specifically designed by Robuschi (a Gardner Denver brand) is now positioned within the device to ensure a quick and easy inspection, and replacement.

Lubrication system: A dual splash lubrication system that is simple, reliable and compact. It also provides minimal maintenance without the need for an external oil circuit.

State-of-the art noise enclosure: The new powder coated enclosure ensures long lasting protection from corrosion, chemicals and the environment. In addition, the noise enclosure’s structure is equipped with tight-fitting frames for the doors and roof support. All the panels/doors are independent of each other and easily removable for inspection.

The new hood design inhibits noise emissions thanks to the enclosure’s air inlet and outlet ducts which are muzzled with a lined single-chamber plenum and lined bends. The closed baseplate is suitable for any type of floor guaranteeing proper noise reduction.

Courtesy of Robuschi

Courtesy of Robuschi

In addition, the enclosure provides:

  • Side-by-side installation.
  • Baseplate equipped with dedicated holes for easy access by forklift.
  • Dedicated access for relief valve inspection and setting to reduce maintenance time.
  • Access for routine maintenance operations from the front/rear/left/right side of the hood.
  • Easy service with rear panel opening without the need to disconnect the process pipe.
  • Electrical cable installation possible both from the top and bottom.

New controller

Leading-edge Robox connect controller: The new touch screen controller, Robox Connect, is very user friendly with an intuitive menu. It provides you with a real-time view of the blower unit’s operation and allows you to continuously monitor the device. This ensures you spot problems and malfunctions before they happen thereby protecting your investment.

Robox Connect manages a variety of operating functions available from a built-in screen, as well as remotely. You can monitor and configure each measured parameter and alarm from any display using a remote connection via Ethernet.

Controller functions:

  • Multiple language configuration.
  • 44 analog and digital inputs/outputs.
  • Sequencing mode (multi-blower control).
  • Interval maintenance with a dedicated P&I chart.
  • Parameter data transmission via Ethernet.
  • Parameter trends.
  • Alarms detections.
  • Data logger for service troubleshooting.
  • Suitable for any kind of starter device.

Controlled parameters:

  • Control of the starter unit.
  • Inlet and outlet pressure and temperature.
  • Oil temperature.
  • Air end speed.

Industry 4.0 solution: Robox Connect is compatible with iConn, the Industry 4.0 solution. iConn is the new and smart and proactive real-time monitoring service that delivers in depth and real-time data. This is essential for the optimised and efficient operation of the device. iConn provides remote availability via the Internet, which saves you time by eliminating the need to be onsite for diagnostic activities.

iConn allows you to perform online tasks, such as supervision, optimising maintenance and parts management, and paves the way for the development of predictive models.

Plug & play

The Robox Lobe blower unit is available in a new plug and play version: simple, reliable and a great value for your money. This includes:

  • Premium frequency converter for maximum performance and reliability.
  • Electrical cabinet with IP54 protection degree and a forced cooling system.
  • Modular installation close to Robox unit or in another location via wired connection for maximum flexibility.
  • Programmed control panel for process optimization and regulation.
  • Industry 4.0 solution with data transmission through the most popular communication protocols (Modbus, Profibus-Profinet, Canopen).
  • Preset frequency converter for peace of mind.
  • Additional system for continuous monitoring of main parameters (optional).
  • Quick start guide included.
  • EMC certification.


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Robuschi was founded in 1941 and is recognised as one of the global leaders in the production of oil-free compressors at low pressure, lobe blowers, liquid ring vacuum pumps, and centrifugal pumps. In 2011 Robuschi became part of Gardner Denver, a leading manufacturer of air flow control products with an important global footprint. In March 2020 Gardner Denver combined with Ingersoll Rand Industrial to provide a stronger, broader portfolio of mission-critical industrial, energy, medical and specialty vehicle products and services.