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KGAL Consulting Engineers Ltd

KGAL Consulting Engineers Ltd offers structural, mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and reliability engineering services in the field of large, bespoke, moving structures, through all stages of a project from concept to final commissioning.

Water Control | Hydropower | Moving Structures |Design Engineering | Project Management | Specialist Consulting ​| Hydraulic Steel Structures

KGAL has more man-years of experience in the design and construction of hydraulic steel structures than any other comparable UK consultancy, covering  all types of water control gates in a variety of applications, including:

  • Flood defence
  • River regulation
  • Dams and reservoirs
  • Navigable waterways
  • Pumping stations
  • Hydropower 
​Not only is KGAL the UK’s market leader in the design of hydraulic steel structures, but our overseas projects include the design of some of the largest of their type in the world.

Reliability Engineering 

KGAL also offers system engineering and, within that, consultancy services addressing risk and reliability. For clients in our core markets of hydropower, water control and moving structures, we provide professional advice on risk management and subsequent mitigation through reliability engineering.
Whether you’re looking for basic advice or a complex assessment, a partner or a leader, inspiration or the total solution; KGAL Consulting Engineers Ltd has the breadth, skill, scale and award-winning experience to meet and exceed your  expectations.