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R2M Limited

R2M Ltd. is part of the Hawle Austria Group, a global valve manufacturer. R2M supply the water, sewage & gas industry with valves, ductile iron fittings & pipe, Molecor MoPVC pipe, encapsulation collars and end-restraint fittings. Their own range of innovations complements the product range and offers solutions to reduce cost, carbon or labour.

We have built up an outstanding reputation for innovation particularly in the areas of Wide Tolerance End Restraint & Encapsulation fittings. In recent years, further introducing the EZ Valve (Live Valve Insertion) system, 3S Smart Valve Actuation, and Valve Unjammer. R2M is also unique in having a true 24/7 Emergency Call Out Service in case of water company supply interruptions events.

R2M has a sister company R2M Site Services Ltd who are a specialist contractor undertaking work for water companies throughout the UK. This involves specialist work such as EZ Valve live insert, Line Stopping, Live Tapping, Encapsulation, Mains measuring, Valve un-jamming etc. R2M SS is one of the 1st companies to be called in an emergency supply interruptions type event.