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Steve Vick International Ltd

Steve Vick International (SVI) is dedicated to delivering cost-saving solutions for damaged, redundant or outdated underground pipework.

Since its foundation in 1981, SVI has been at the forefront in developing products and techniques for the repair, renovation and decommissioning of pipes. Predominantly our work has been in the gas industry but increasingly we are undertaking projects in the water and nuclear sectors.

We are the UK’s leading producer of Pipe Coil Trailers and offer a range of Pipe Handling equipment such as Handlers, Crackers and Cutters.  Some of our latest innovations include the PE Pipe Cutter, the Pipe Feeder for Pre-Insulated coiled pipe, PE Live Head for Live Mains Insertion, the Perpetual Pipe Pusher, FBOS (Foambag Operation on Stubs) and SMARTester.

GAS: In the UK we are major suppliers to all the gas distribution networks. Many of the techniques we have pioneered have become the preferred methods of working in the industry and our resin foam sealant products and associated equipment are key to many of the cost-saving renovation processes used.

WATER: For over 20 years water utilities and their contractors in the UK and overseas have used our pipe handling equipment to improve their efficiency and safety. Today our products include Pipe Handlers, Pipe Coil Trailers and Pipe Cutters as well as our patented DRAINBLOCK™ and RATBLOCK™ sealing systems.

NUCLEAR: SVI offer solutions to the problems associated with decommissioning and sealing disused pipework, ducts, sleeves and ventilation shafts. Our technology can also be designed for the mass filling of large and complex voids and is a lightweight alternative to cement grout. We have worked at Hinkley, Sellafield, Harwell, Chapelcross and Hunterston.

CONTRACT SERVICES: A rapidly expanding part of our business is our Contract Service department who are well known for their work in the field of renewing and repairing underground gas pipes, for the UK Gas Distribution Networks.  However, they are becoming increasingly involved in projects being undertaken by water utilities, electricity providers, rail networks, civil engineers, construction companies and local councils. This reflects the range of skills and expertise available to solve on-site problems associated with pipe repair, renovation, and diversion.

Located strategically around the UK the highly skilled team can provide a fast response, emergency repairs and a rapid call out service which is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

HIRE: We offer specialist plant and equipment for the Utilities Industries.  Products available for hire include our Pipe Handlers, Perpetual Pipe Pusher, Pipe Coil Trailers, Rapid Rotary Cutters, Rapid Window Cutters, MACAW Pipe Crackers, CRACKERJACK and Mini Purge.  All our hire equipment comes with onsite support from our highly experienced engineers and our products are fully maintained and serviced at our depots.  All equipment is also available to purchase.

SMARTester: SMARTester is the wireless pressure test system, that ensures absolute traceability and best practice. The system combines: SMARTester pressure sensor, an intuitive App and a Dashboard database of test evidence. Together the 3 components work to give you confidence that your tests are highly accurate, fully compliant and that evidence is traceable.