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Swan Analytical UK Limited

Since 1991, Swan has been developing and manufacturing high quality online analytical instruments that are entirely dedicated to continuous water monitoring. Innovation and quality, customer focus and the relentless pursuit of optimisation are more than just a slogan for Swan.

The chemical, biological and engineering background of our founders remains the foundation of Swan to this day, and is what helps us supply all industries with reliable and customer-focused online analysers.

Water is an essential resource in many industrial applications. High-purity water is used in specialized processes in the fields of micro electronics and pharmaceutical production. Water is also used to generate steam in power generation or industrial processes. Potable water supplied through distribution networks is a vital commodity all over the world. Continuous monitoring and controlling of the water quality in these processes as well as in the associated treatment and discharge processes is challenging. The risks and costs of insufficient monitoring are high, which calls for instrumentation specifically designed to meet the requirements of a particular application, for high reliability and low maintenance.

Swan’s success is built on a worldwide sales and support network with regional representatives, high quality products made in Switzerland and extensive knowledge in wide-ranging applications.

Swan’s customer-focused sales network consists of official representatives in 15 countries and contractual international partnerships in 62 more countries around the globe. Our local sales representatives take care of installation, maintenance, training, troubleshooting and any issues that may occur in an efficient way. With our sales and support network present around the globe, we are a dependable business partner, wherever you are located.

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