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Niagara Weir Stabilisation & Fish Pass (2023)
Hampton Loade eel screen arrays in the River Severn - Courtesy of Integrated Water Services (M&E) Ltd
Hampton Loade WTW – Eel Screens (2022)
Holme Sluice Fish Pass (2022)
Severn Trent Eels Regulation Compliance (2021)
Belaugh & Waveney Raw Water Intakes (2021)
River Itchen Eel Screens Project (2021)
Lobwood Fish Pass (2020)
Tophill Low Fish Pass (2020)
Loch Venachar Fish Pass (2020)
Woodhall Park River Restoration (2020)
Jordans Dam and Wharncliffe Fish Passes (2019)
Blythe & Bourne Fish Passage (2019)
Battlefield Brook Fish Passage (2019)
Rodley Fish Pass Scheme (2013)
River Medway Canoe Trail (2010)