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By taking out a Featured Company subscription on WaterProjectsOnline, supply chain companies will greatly increase their exposure on the site and within applicable case studies and supply chain category pages.


The key features of an annual Featured Company subscription


This is your page on WaterProjectsOnline where all references to/from your company are linked. The page includes:
  • A company description
  • Photo and video galleries
  • Contact details
  • Links to your website & social media sites
  • Project references
  • Your press releases/company news/case studies
  • Your jobs board.

Click here for an example page


Banners: You can add a banner advertisement to an applicable project case study or applicable supply chain category page.
Banner advertising artwork: We require artwork sized at exactly 848 pixels wide by 174 pixels high: either a GIF (animated banner) or JPG (static banner).


Logo in water company case study: Your logo will be appear in the scrolling supply chain list on all applicable case studies – it will be linked to your micro-site hub.
Integrated page previews: As a featured company, all mentions of your company name in case studies (2016-2024) will be highlighted, and on hover over, your logo will show as well as the introduction of your company description – clicking on your company name will take readers to your micro-site hub.
Supplementary articles: Supplementary articles allow the supply chain to provide more details on the product or service that they provided to a particular project. The article will be integrated into an applicable water company case study and can be seen on hover-over. Click here for an example and details.


Full case studies: Detailing a project in its entirety, covering the background to the project and drivers, a description of the construction and process technologies, and a summary of project successes, initial performance results etc. Case studies can also cover specific elements of a project on a standalone basis or a phase of a project. Click here to see over 1700 case studies.
Innovations & Technology papers: Technical papers explaining a problem(s) faced by a water company, followed by a detailed description of your process technology, product or service and how its use overcomes the issues. You can also include project references to show the technology’s application on live sites. Innovations & Technology papers are also posted within the featured company’s micro-site hub. From here, the reader has all the information about that company at their fingertips, including the company description, photo galley, contact details, website and social media links, project references and more.
Mini case studies: Short articles/project fact sheets. Typically, 200-300 words plus a selection of photographs. For an example, click here and then select Mini Case Studies above the company logo.


Company & Product News: New products, contract awards, appointments, general press releases etc. Click here for example posts and select Press Releases above the company logo.
Exhibitions & Conferences (coming soon): A section for exhibition organisers to promote their events and exhibitors to promote their attendance and involvement. 


Job openings: Post your job openings on your micro-site hub and on the dedicated water industry specific Jobs Board


To start your subscription or for more information    please contact us