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When a Featured Company subscriber is referenced in a case study, the company name will be highlighted. On hover-over, the company’s logo and the introduction to the company description will show. Clicking on the link will take you to that company’s micro-site hub.

Extract from a case study

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….. A new inlet works will be constructed comprising three lanes that contain coarse (50mm) and medium screens (20mm) provided by Huber Technology, and grit removal plant. One of the existing inlet works lanes will be sacrificed to provide the feed to the new lanes, hence the provision of two additional lanes in terms of redundancy. The constant velocity grit channels have a capacity up to 15m3/s with SAVECO Environmental Ltd supplying traditional grit bridges with an alternative method of grit suction. The associated instrumentation is from Vega Controls Ltd and the automation and control panels for the grit bridges has been designed and built by Te-Tech Process Solutions….

In addition, all case studies now include a supply chain table listing the key participants involved with the featured project.

Example supply chain

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