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Te-Tech Process Solutions

Te-Tech Process Solutions is a provider of traditional products and advanced process technologies for water and wastewater treatment. Our products cater for a range of client needs from standardised products to bespoke applications designed to meet the exacting needs of the client’s process.

Our in-house capability includes process, mechanical and electrical design, off-site manufacture and assembly, MCC and Control Panel Manufacture and System Integration. Our extended services include digital engineering, service and maintenance, operational support and real time control. Advanced technology and innovation are at the core of our business enabling us to provide high quality, efficient solutions to our clients.

Our business is founded upon 4 key areas of expertise:


Te-Tech deliver established water and wastewater products and processes, including:

    • te-cyc TM: Cyclic activated sludge ‘Macrofloc’ biological wastewater treatment
    • te-saf TM: Packaged submerged aerated filters
    • te-ion TM: Advanced oxidation technology for water and wastewater treatment
    • te-mem TM: Advanced membrane filtration
    • te-mbr TM: Package advanced membrane filtration
    • te-sewpas TMAirlift sludge removal plant
    • te-uv TM: UV disinfection


Our MCC and control panels are provided into multiple sectors including process and water, marine, oil & gas, energy, nuclear, defence and building services. Our capabilities include:

    • MCCs
    • LV Switchboards
    • Local Control Panels
    • Software System Integration


    • Te-Tech utilise cutting edge digital technologies to provide innovative solutions to our client’s problems. Our digital engineering services support the whole life cycle of our clients’ assets from conceptual design, through design for manufacture and assembly (DfMA), installation on site, final commissioning, operation and maintenance and decommissioning at the end of the asset’s life.
    • Our in-house software capability provides clients with the visualisation tools to precisely view and interrogate designs in a virtual world to minimise clashes, delays or abortive activities and to ensure that the delivered assets are acceptable to operators in the real world.
    • Our BIM capability ensures our products and technologies create assets that are fit for the future and our virtual reality technology allows our teams and clients to fully immerse themselves in the design, optimisation and operation of our solution prior to manufacturing.
    • Our asset optimisation capability helps clients get the best performance out of their assets, by integrating real time control and using data driven insight we can ensure the sustainability and efficiency of asset performance across its lifecycle.
    • Our virtual environment shows the equipment in operation, with liquids moving and plant turning on/off according to the actual system control philosophy. This is an invaluable tool for HAZOPS, ALM and remote training of operators before the plant is constructed – reducing risk and time on site


    • Te-Tech’s off-site manufacture and assembly capability provides standard products and engineered solutions to the water and wastewater sector, oil and gas and energy industries. Its primary focus is on solutions which are designed for manufacture and assembly DfMA; reducing on site construction time, reducing carbon footprint and minimising risk.
    • At our Southampton based headquarters we have over 1000 sq. metres of internal manufacturing space as well as external areas for assembly and storage of larger materials and manufactured components. We design, manufacture and assemble to a range of different standards including CE/CA marking, EXC2 Structural Steel, BS and ASME welding procedures.
    • Our strength within Te-Tech culminates in our integrated service, offering the complete process solution package, from digital design, automation and control through to off-site manufacture and on site assembly.