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Stortec Engineering Ltd

STORTEC Engineering Limited operates within the primarily in the UK, but also on a global scale, serving the water, wastewater, industrial waste and renewable energy sectors. STORTEC is the only specialist contractor in the provision of design, manufacture and construction of both liquid and gas storage solutions.

Our products include:

  • ULTRASTORE® high grade stainless steel modular bolted tank systems.
  • BIODOME® (single & double) membrane gas holders (tank mounted & ground mounted).
  • Traditional S700 PRO glass coated steel tank systems (3 Coat, 2 Fire).
  • Access steelwork, ULTRASTORE® roof systems, GRP roof systems, asset inspections, maintenance works and much more.

Uniquely, STORTEC are a completely independent specialist contractor. We are not like the other typical UK distributors in the same market. STORTEC’s unique approach eliminates sub-contractor margin upon margin, shortening programme and on-site construction times, overall saving our clients significant costs. Why not keep everything simple, all under the same umbrella?

We want to bring change to the industry, with innovative and sustainable solutions. Fed up of your assets not meeting their design life come and speak with us. Our knowledge and expertise within the Water and Waste industries is unrivalled, affording us the opportunity to redesign the parameters with fresh thinking. No project is ever the same, we do not shoehorn our product range to suit your requirements, we tailor the solution based on experience and collaborative working approach to meet each individual project.

Fast forward to 2024 and we are proud of our achievements ands the resilience our team has demonstrated. Each and every one of them is playing their part in changing the industry, we have built a strong, passionate and driven culture for delivering sustainable cost effective solutions.

We are your total specialist contractor from concept to completion. A true industry leader, unrivalled in our knowledge and experience, working in partnership to install hardware assets worldwide for the long haul not just the short term.

STORTEC, building big futures for our clients, our team, our planet.