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Glanua Group Limited

Northmoor and Amersham HS2 Process Upgrades

Glanua undertake two projects to upgrade Affinity Water's treatment infrastructure in Northmoor and Amersham to address risks from HS2 construction affecting the chalk aquifer

Northmoor and Amersham - Courtesy of Glanua Group Limited

Valued at £50 million, the project involved creating a turbidity treatment process within limited site footprints. Utilising submerged ultrafiltration, the solution was designed with modular Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) to streamline construction and reduce time and quality risks. The project featured the innovative first application of submerged ultrafiltration and a collaborative approach using a Common Data Environment (CDE).

The sustainable design allowed for decommissioning and reuse of the plants, and special attention was given to minimise impact on a nearby care home.

The projects met strict HS2 Environmental Minimum Requirements and were delivered on tight schedules through collaborative planning.