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Faughan Raw Water Pumping Station Flood Protection

Installation of ten slot-in barriers and six swing hinge gates

Courtesy of Flood Control International

Torrential rain in 2017 led to flash flooding and power outages across Northern Ireland, with the North West suffering badly. The River Faughan overflowed causing major damage to bridges, roads, water mains and flooding to some Northern Ireland Water sites including Faughan Raw Water Pumping Station (RWPS), the sole source of raw water to Carmoney WTW outside Eglinton village.

The requirement

A strategic review identified that an upgrade was required to the River Faughan Raw Water Pumping Station, including the provision of new flood protection measures to the pump building and replacement weir gates, to provide extra security and resilience. This will ensure the supply of raw water robustness to Carmoney Water Treatment Works, delivering a plentiful supply for treatment.

The Solution

Initial discussions between Flood Control International and GRAHAM Construction, the main contractor, in October 2021, identified a schedule of protection measures to suit the requirements of the site, which required a flood defence level of over 1.5m height. Following consideration of solutions, a site survey was conducted by Flood Control International to check measurements and fixing methods before final detailed designs were agreed and approved for manufacture.

Courtesy of Flood Control International

Courtesy of Flood Control International

Installation was in 2 phases to suit the contract programme and allow the contractor to undertake remedial works to apertures, including the removal of redundant low level flood defences and making good of concrete floors and walls, to facilitate the installation of the gates and barriers.

Flood Control International designed and installed ten slot-in barriers and six swing hinge gates; Swing hinge gates were the optimum solution for personnel access doors, which are easily operated from inside and outside the building. The gates also included removable thresholds that can be taken out if level access is required for wheeling in crucial equipment, e.g., pumps, valves etc. Slot-in barrier solutions included a 4-sided perimeter barrier to a wet well inside the pump room, to prevent flood water from reaching the main room, control panels and pump motors.

A high degree of precision was required for the detailing of mounting elements, due to the original and new equipment already installed in some locations. In some cases, installation was inside the building (off-seating), so due to the flood load, fixings were drilled all the way through the wall, to ensure the gates and slot-ins will remain secure during a flood event, and protect this critical facility.

    • Client: Northern Ireland Water
    • Location: Londonderry, Northern Ireland
    • Year: 2021-2022
    • Main Contractor: GRAHAM Construction


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Courtesy of Flood Control International

Courtesy of Flood Control International