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FT Water Treatment

FT Water Treatment offers a range of solutions for the water treatment market. This includes pipes, fittings, valves, and measurement and control, along with dual contained pipework for chemical dosing. All products are available to the necessary accreditations and all recognised grades of materials supplied to this market.

Chemical Dosing Dual Containment

A dual-walled pipe is a secondary contained piping system. It is a pipe within a pipe, or encased in an outer covering, with a space between the two diameters. The inner pipe is the primary or carrier pipe and the outer pipe is called the secondary or containment pipe. The great majority of double-walled piping applications involve wastewater, groundwater and process safety.

  • We offer duel contained pipe systems in both rigid and flexible plastics. Flexible systems are available in PVC, LDPE and PTFE: We offer a new innovation in leak detectable chemical dosing hose, PF Detect.
  • Rigid systems: Rigid dual contained and single pipework available in HDPE, PP, PVC, CPVC and PVDF. Leak detection is available in both systems.

We are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.