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OGI Groundwater Specialists Ltd

Established in 1989, OGI Groundwater Specialists is an independent, privately owned British company specialising in designing Groundwater Control systems to dewater and strengthen wet ground.

OGI provides professional services to the Wastewater Industry to reduce the cost of temporary works during the construction of subsurface structures and pipelines.

Working with the project structural engineers, OGI also develops systems to reduce the earth pressures on underground structures which can result in a significant reduction in construction programme and out-turn costs.

Groundwater Control and Geotechnical Design at previous UK Wastewater Projects:

  • Designing efficient dewatering systems to minimise installation, hire and fuel costs.
  • Stabilising retaining embankments as an alternative to retaining walls.
  • Design of king post walls as an alternative to secant or contiguous pile walls.
  • Design of passive pore pressure relief systems to reduce artesian uplift pressure and so reduce costs of additional excavation and reduce mass of concrete gravity structure.
  • Combining technologies to provide innovative solutions to reduce excavation costs.
  • Delivering procedures that reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions.
  • Temporary works designs that are integrated with the permanent works designs to ensure safe construction, including sufficient space surrounding the structure.

OGI’s designs are developed from over 25 years of experience in delivering Groundwater Control solutions to contractors, consultants and project clients.

Our designs are presented as clear practical drawings supported by comprehensive design certificates. Groundwater Control and Geotechnical designs follow Eurocode EC7, which provides a standard framework for OGI’s safe, innovative and cost effective designs.

We also present regular Groundwater Control seminars to industry suitable for project managers, engineers and anyone who is interested in learning how to recognise, understand and apply various techniques to overcome groundwater problems and to mitigate project damage, delay or accidents. See our web site for seminar details.