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Since 2004, Polypipe has been successfully manufacturing engineered Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) to support the construction industry at every stage of its growth. With continuous research and development, Polypipe have become the market leaders in water management solutions, designing drainage systems that effectively meet the challenges of today’s construction sites.

We develop site specific engineered drainage solutions that fulfil large scale civil engineering and infrastructure, commercial and residential projects, working closely with contractors, consultants, engineers and planners. The increase in climate change and urbanisation has pushed them to continually develop through innovation. We engineer specific systems that not only make space for water but we also develop systems that provide multifunctional benefits that create and sustain Green Infrastructure.

With the shift towards creating resilient cities in the UK and around the world; green walls, Blue-Green roofs, swales and rain gardens that intercept water run-off are working in conjunctions with engineered solutions, such as permeable pavements and mass attenuation systems. Source control is being adopted more often on site where rainwater is intercepted on rooftops and on tall buildings with dense urban environments, all helping to mitigate the impact of flooding whilst reinforcing a positive outcome for a growing population, providing enjoyable places to live.

Today we offer the widest choice of water management, surface water drainage, sewer and cable protection systems. We are evolving to meet the challenges through clever design and making space for water to capture, store and re-use.