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Don Regulators (2023)
Mill Fleam Pumping Station (2023)
Keadby Pumping Station - Courtesy of Galliford Try
Keadby Terminal Assisted Outfall Pumping Station (2022)
Ely tree catcher showing the staggered alignment of seven poles - Courtesy of Arup
Ely Bridge Tree Catcher (2022)
Schematic of NGIWMS infrastructure - Courtesy of AECOM
Glasgow’s Smart Canal (2022)
South Ferriby Flood Alleviation Scheme (2021)
Bentley Ings Pumping Station (2021)
Foss Barrier (2020)
Helston (Cober) Flood Alleviation Scheme (2020)
Wrington Flood Storage Area (2020)
Highways England Area 13 Flood Risk Reduction (2019)
Foss Barrier (2019)
Banbury FAS (2012)
Godmanchester FAS (2013)
White Cart Flood Prevention Scheme (2013)
Flood Resilience Planning (2013)
Dyffryn Gardens Flood Management Project (2014)
Flood Alleviation Works for Critical Infrastructure (2012)
Flood Consequence Assessments of Critical Assets (2012)
Mythe WTW FAS (2012)
Bransholme Surface Water Pumping Station (2015)
Nottingham Left Bank FAS (2011)
Isle of Axholme Flood Risk Management Strategy (2011)
Gainsborough Frontages FAS (2011)
Boscastle FAS (2007)
Canvey Island Drainage Scheme (2007)
Todmorden & Walsden Flood Alleviation (2005)
Morpeth Flood Alleviation Scheme Phase 3 (2018)
River Thames Scheme (2018)
Bodnant Garden Water and Flood Management (2017)
Bransholme Surface Water Pumping Station (2017)
Chantry Cottages Flood Defence Scheme (2017)
Town Beck (Ulverston) Flood Alleviation Scheme (2017)
Foss Barrier (2017)
Ipswich Tidal Barrier Project (2017)
Granary Culvert (2017)
Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme (2016)
Derby Flood Prevention Scheme (2016)
River Elwy Catchment (2015)
St Germans Pumping Station (2010)