Wessex Water

Wessex Water covers an area of around 10,000 square kilometres which includes Dorset, Somerset, Bristol, most of Wiltshire and parts of Gloucestershire and Hampshire.

Approximately 284 million litres of water is supplied to 1.3 million people every day from a  network of 97 water sources, 110 water treatment works, 209 pumping stations (used to supply water to customers), 340 service reservoirs and water towers and 11,509 km of water mains. Wastewater services are provided for 2.7 million customers with 475 million litres of sewage being treated each day. Wessex Water’s sewerage system includes 405 sewage treatment works, 1,003 combined sewer overflows, 1,515 pumping stations and more than 30,000 km of sewers.