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Air Technology Systems

Air Technology Systems (ATS) have been designing and supplying ventilation and odour control solutions to the water industry for over 20 years. Working closely with the main contractors/M&E Contractors in the industry, we have installed our systems into all major water companies.

Our Range of services include:

  • Surveys of existing ventilation and odour control systems.
  • Upgrades, maintenance and modification of existing systems.
  • The design, supply, installation and commissioning of new ventilation and odour control systems.
  • We have our own experienced installation teams.
  • We have our own NIC EIC registered electrical engineers.
  • We work collaboratively with the client to ensure that the system design is optimised and meets the primary objectives e.g TOTEX, Level of performance etc.


Our ventilation solutions are a combination of traditional and propriety techniques, including our innovative JETFLO system which maximises the ventilation efficiency and can reduce the overall extract volume, excellent for reducing condensation and ensuring fresh air is delivered where needed, this not only reduces energy consumption, but can reduce the size and cost of odour control units.


Our unique alliance with Europe’s largest manufacturers of specialist odour control products, CMI Europe Environment, is a major strength.

We can offer all proven odour control technologies, from carbon filtration and catalytic dry scrubbers, through to bio filtration and chemical scrubbing. Solutions often require a combination of these techniques. All equipment on the odour control plinth is sourced from CMI EE’s state of the art facility and is pre-assembled for inspection prior to dispatch. This provides us with a unique level of quality control.

Our specialist rope access division allows us to gain access to places where mechanical scaffold/access is going to be either very difficult or cost prohibitive.

Our wide range of expertise design and project management experience, combined with close collaboration with the client is the reason we have an excellent reputation in the industry.